Registration is the first step in joining in on the fun. It allows us to make sure you have a room and waterpark pass waiting for you, with meals and endless entertainment along the way.

The registration deadline is March 1, 2020.

Registration Types

Full-Time Registration
Includes housing, meals, and access to all sessions and entertainment throughout Convention. You also get an awesome Convention 2020 t-shirt!
Proficient DeMolays must be registered full time to receive voting privileges at Convention.

Part-Time Registration
​For late arrivals joining us on Friday afternoon.
Still a lot of fun, just not as much.

Overnight Registration
For those that can’t escape during the week, join us on Saturday afternoon.
Pro Tip: This is a great way for those attending the Grand Banquet and Ball to spend the night and get access to the indoor waterpark on Saturday and Sunday.

Youth – Full-Time

  • 4-to-a-Room: $335

Youth – Part-Time

  • 4-to-a-Room: $275

Adult – Full-Time

  • 4-to-a-Room: $335
  • 2-to-a-Room: $465
  • 1-to-a-Room: $715

Adult – Part-Time

  • 4-to-a-Room: $275
  • 2-to-a-Room: $390
  • 1-to-a-Room: $565

Adult – Overnight

  • 4-to-a-Room: $170
  • 2-to-a-Room: $210
  • 1-to-a-Room: $290

A $30 late fee is automatically applied to registrants who have an outstanding balance after the March 1st deadline. An additional $50 late fee is applied if still unpaid on April 1st.

Have questions about registration?

​Care Packages are stocked with Convention survival essentials and limited-edition swag.

Youth attendees (under the age of 21) must have a Medical Release Form completed and submitted by check-in. You can upload this at the time of registration, email them, or bring a paper copy with you at check-in.

Housing Accommodations

Registrants are housed on-site with the best accommodations Great Wolf Lodge has to offer. Suites include two queen beds, many with a living area and full-size sofa sleeper. The standard room is booked with four or more occupants. Adult registrants may pay to room with fewer occupants.
Use the housing assignment form to submit preferred room occupants. The form must be submitted no later than the standard registration due date on March 1, 2020.
Requests are subject to Convention staff approval. Staff reserves the right to room attendees as they see fit.

Group Registration Form

Looking to register a group of individuals all at once? Complete the attached form (Microsoft Excel) and email it to Convention Registration & Housing Coordinator Brandon McGee (brandon.mcgee@outlook.com). Please complete all fields in the format that has been provided to you.

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