Game On! Membership Quest

Join us on our Quest to Level-Up your Chapter with NEW Members!

Quest Details

Crusade ONE: MAP the QUEST
Through March 4th

  • Begin thinking of prospects you want in DeMolay.
  • Create a list of Prospectives you want to invite to learn more about DeMolay.
  • Use your resources: friends from school, family (like brothers or cousins, other Masonic affiliated groups, school teachers, councilors, principal, pastor, coaches, parent’s co‐workers, kids from the neighborhood.
  • Gather addresses, phone numbers and emails.
  • Brainstorm ideas for a Prospect Event, Informational Night, or Open House.
  • Select a date for your event.
  • Establish your own quest timeline.
  • Refer to for any tips on recruitment techniques.

Submit your MAP Details to: by February 18th Unlock Achievement ONE: Dared to Believe Certification

February 19th to March 4th

  • Begin planning your Prospect Event with your Chapter members.
  • Determine basic outline (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How Much?) o Select a Chairman, Committee Members, and Advisor for the Event.
  • Expand on the details for the event.
  • Ask your State Officers for help and assistance.
  • Make an Invitation or Flyer for the Prospect Event.
  • Start advertising the event to your list of prospects and pushing others you know.
  • Handout the flyers at school, community centers, youth groups, where you shop, and to all your friends.
  • After inviting everyone, continue to stay in contact with them to ensure their attendance.

Submit your Invite/Flyer to: by March 4th Unlock Achievement TWO: Earn the “Party in a Box”

Crusade THREE: TRAINING put to USE
March 5th to March 18th

  • Make phone calls and email prior to the Prospect Event. Offer rides if needed.
  • Remind your prospects to attend and include event details.
  • Begin the planning process for a Follow‐Up Chapter Fun Event.
  • Hold your Prospect Event!
  • Tell them all the great things about DeMolay, what you do and how they can be a part of our fraternity.
  • Make sure to include the parents and answer all their questions.
  • Gather contact information from all in attendance.
  • Give them a flyer to your next Chapter Event (should be within 10 days).

Submit your Contact Information List for those who attend and your Follow‐up Event Flyer to: by March 18th Unlock Achievement THREE: Advanced Training Certificates

March 19th to April 1st

  • Follow up with all prospects and parents that attended your event.
  • Answer any questions.
  • You got their attention; now let them experience DeMolay and invite the prospects to follow‐up event.
  • This should be a Chapter FUN Event.
  • Remind your prospects to attend and include event details.
  • Hold your Follow‐Up Event!
  • Make sure they are included and are having fun!
  • Before they leave, give them a Membership Application and your contact information.

Submit Pictures of your Follow‐Up Event and a List of who attended to: by April 1st Unlock Achievement FOUR: Win a Battle Medal

Crusade FIVE: BE the HERO
April 2nd to 16th

  • FOLLOW‐UP, follow‐up, follow‐up!
  • Gather those completed Membership Applications.
  • Bring the applications to the next Chapter meeting so they can be read, visitations can be scheduled, and have a vote on them to become members.
  • Let them know they have been approved to become a DeMolay and talk to the parents about Convention.
  • Get them registered.
  • Stay in contact with them and informed about what to bring to Conclave. o Invite the parents to attend all Chapter functions.
  • Make the candidate an immediately a part of your Chapter. ie. phone calls, texts, Facebook.
  • The day before Convention, ensure that they (and their parents) know everything they need to know.

Bring the Candidates to the First‐Timers meeting on April 20th! Unlock Achievement FIVE: Level‐Up your Chapter Award

Quest Rewards

Game On! Membership Quest Rewards

Chapter Rewards for work done during The Quest:

There are FIVE Crusades. When a Chapter completes a Crusade they will either be mailed or delivered an Achievement Reward. Details of requirements for Achievements and how to submit for them are listed on the “Quest Details” sheet.

Achievement ONE: Dared to Believe Certification; A cool certificate that recognizes the Chapters’ ability to take action in gaining members. This certificate can be framed and hung in places such as a Lodge Room.

Achievement TWO: Earn a “Party in a Box”; A box of Prospect Party supplies – flyers, brochures, applications, poster, balloons, streamers, napkins, plates, sign-in sheet, etc…

Achievement THREE: Advanced Training Certificates; An even cooler certification that recognizes the commitment, dedication, and skills the Chapter showed in executing the planned event.

Achievement FOUR: Win a Battle Medal; A medal or plaque to be presented to the Chapter at Conclave in recognition of the Chapter’s ability to grow in membership.

Achievement FIVE: Level-Up your Chapter Award; A special award to be revealed to Chapters at Conclave for successfully Completing the Quest.

Rewards for bringing Candidates to Conclave:

Chapter Level-Up: The Chapter that brings the most Candidates to be initiated at Conclave (not previously DI reported) will receive a pizza or ice cream party on Friday AND Saturday Nights of Conclave. (Must have a minimum of 3 Candidates present)

Individual Level-Up Bonus: Every New Member and First Line Signer for the 2017 year will have their names entered into a drawing for fabulous prizes awarded at each Business Session.

Level 1: Be the First Line Signer of a Candidate initiated at Conclave (not previously DI reported) and you will receive a second set of Late Night Snack Tickets AND an extra packet of Play Money.

Level 2: Be the First Line Signer of two Candidates initiated at Conclave (not previously DI reported) and get the benefits of the Level 1 awards PLUS a $30 Gift Certificate for the DeMolay eStore at Conclave.

Leveled UP: Be the First Line Signer of three Candidates initiated at Conclave (not previously DI reported) and get the benefits of Level 1 & 2 awards plus $100 CASH. (Maximum of 10 cash awards)