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Any DeMolay who sells an advertisement for the Convention Brochure will receive a rebate worth half of the price of the ad, up to the price of your entire registration! That means that you can attend Convention for FREE by selling only FOUR full-page advertisements! You can also sell Patron Ads, which gets the buyer’s name listed in the Convention Brochure for only $25. Reach out to local businesses, Masonic lodges, Scottish Rite Valleys, York Rites, Eastern Star Chapters, Amaranth Chapters, Rainbow Assemblies, Job’s Daughters Bethels, your family and friends… pretty much anyone you can think of.

DeMolay Advisors

You’ve already spent every penny on your kids to go to Convention, along with all the little things along the way. You come to support the organization and dedicate your time, and we appreciate that! You too can earn your way to Convention by selling brochure advertisements to any non-Masonic affiliated organization (your boss, local businesses, friends with business, family). You too will receive half of the price of the ad, up to the price of your entire registration.

Ordering information is on the “Order Brochure Ad” page under the Payments navigation link. Advertisements must be received and paid for in full by March 15, 2020 to be eligible for rebate.

Rebates will be paid as a single check to each Chapter at the end of Convention. Chapters are responsible for issuing rebates to individuals.

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